Nomination Tips

Use these tips to put together a nomination that will make people stand up and take notice.

  1. Tell us about your commitment

    When answering the questions, tell us how your community has supported play and an active lifestyle over the years and why it’s important.

  2. Tell us the difference $250,000 will make

    Make sure that we know exactly how winning would positively impact the community and residents and the short and long-term impact it will have.

  3. Tell us about your passion

    Let Canada see how much YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY care about play and an active lifestyle and let that feeling shine in your answers. The best nominations come from the heart. Make us feel your passion and commitment.

  4. OPTIONAL - Show us your community

    Upload pictures of your community, the people, and the facility you want to improve. Make sure you have permission to use these photos.

  5. OPTIONAL - Show us what you need

    Upload pictures of the specific equipment, machinery, and/or structural work that needs refurbishing.

  6. OPTIONAL - Show us your plans

    Upload any pictures from the community ie. blueprints or sketches of what your new venue will look like, etc.