St. Peter Elementary School

  • City:

    Calgary, AB

  • Published:

    August 21, 2018

  • Nominated By:

    Mary Catherine Noseworthy

Describe how you would use the $250,000 Grand Prize to upgrade your place to play?

Last year our schools playground was taken down as it was deemed unsafe for play. The original playground was 24yrs old. I was amongst the first batch of kids to play on it. Our parents and community members built it. My kids were amongst the last batch to play on it. Now there is an empty field. A group of parents along with the support of the school and community have been working overtime trying to raise money for a new better playground for these deserving kids! We had hoped to have a new playground installed by the spring of 2019... Our school is situated in a low income neighbourhood, which has its disadvantages when trying to fund raise on such a large scale in such a short time period. Our school community has been so supportive and we have made some progress but not nearly enough to make that goal If we were to receive the grand prize we would be able to build a fully accessible playground in the empty space for our kids and community members.

Why is this place to play important to your community and how would winning the Grand Prize impact your community?

The amazing kids at St.Peter deserve a great place to play. A new playground would give the students a place to learn, use their imaginations, work together, make friends, the list is endless. A playground is the hub of a community. It would not only benefit the students but the community as a whole. It would encourage families to engage in outdoor play, bring neighbours together and promote togetherness. We need to bring back the excitement & joy our playground once had. Winning this grand prize would do that.