Shaunavon High School - Smith Field

  • City:

    Shaunavon, SK

  • Published:

    September 16, 2018

  • Nominated By:

    Rachelle Dordu

Describe how you would use the $250,000 Grand Prize to upgrade your place to play?

If we were to win we would do the following: 1. Purchase bleachers to accommodate 400-500 people. - right now we only have seating for 30. 2. A locker room for home and visiting teams with washrooms for the public as well as change rooms for the officials and a meeting room to do film footage etc. 3. A safe and insulated sound booth with a top level for filming and then storage underneath. See attached pdf and youtube video link - for more on our project and our town.

Why is this place to play important to your community and how would winning the Grand Prize impact your community?

Our football facility needs some major upgrades - not only is it home to the Shaunavon Shadows 9-man High School football team but this facility is also used by the high school and elementary track and field teams as well as the towns minor football and minor soccer programs, flag football and residents of Shaunavon that walk the track for exercise. The football program has expanded over the past few years and we need a facility to accommodate this. We won the Provincial Championship in 2015 after a 32-year drought and have worked hard to again win it in 2017. With all this excitement – the people around the area have really come together to support of teams more than ever – we receive offers to run the booth, paint the lines, help work the gate, sell 50/50 - the list is endless - and with this excitement we now have a junior football program which has never existed before in our town. The businesses have decorated in blue and white (team colours) and you can see people wearing old jerseys in the streets during playoffs. On average we have 250-900 spectators (we had just under 1300 at the Provincial final game in 2015) at our football games and at the moment we only have seating for 30 people - At times we have been able to rent and or borrow bleachers which means transporting them about 5 miles - which is very tough - due to weather, time limits, big equipment needed to lift and transport as well as enough bodies to do the job before and after the season. This moving of the bleachers, (if) available is only during the fall football season and the other sports find their spectators on the ground. We have about 100+ people at each track event and around 50-200 and each minor sports programs. Some of our elderly cannot come and watch these wonderful young athletes we have in our community, because they know that we do not have a place for them to sit and cheer them on. As all of these events happen after school hours, the school is locked and so there are no washroom facilities for them to use, it is highly important that we get a washroom facility for all ages to use. We are also in need of storage area for the outdoor equipment, a video area, and a new sound booth that we would incorporate into 1 new building that the score clock would be attached to. At the moment none of the minor sports teams have a change room and our high school team has an uninsulated shed that does not have any running water etc. - it would be perfect if we could sell off the existing building and rebuild an insulated building that would have a washroom and hopefully a shower for the players, a change room for officials, a meeting room for all the sports teams and maybe even a weight room to be utilized by all of the school sports programs, and also a washroom for the spectators of all the different sports. By upgrading our facility - all ages of youth as well as every adult in our community will benefit from the improvements, either by when participating or being a spectator. It will be a wonderful facility for so many years for thousands to enjoy and to continue to encourage participation in the future. Our town has been wonderful about supporting our youth and the football team in particular are always looking at ways to give back to the community and area, by either clearing dishes at the Stars fundraiser, helping an elderly lady pack up and move, walking around town picking up garbage to help keep our town clean and beautiful, or helping out at any other local fundraiser doing what is needed, etc. They are always willing and eager to volunteer to help out the community. We would LOVE the opportunity to be finalists in the Kraft Heintz Project Play Contest and be able to share with Shaunavon and the surrounding area a fantastic facility.