Renfrew Collegiate Institute

  • City:

    Renfrew, ON

  • Published:

    September 14, 2018

  • Nominated By:

    Adam Noack

Describe how you would use the $250,000 Grand Prize to upgrade your place to play?

With plans currently on hold for a recreation centre expansion, the municipal outdoor basketball nets have been removed and Renfrew Collegiate’s outdoor courts are in dire need of repair. With the economic landscape of Renfrew changing so does the nature of recreation.In the past decade there have been calls in municipal recreation consultations for increased opportunities for “organized spontaneity”. Establishing and/or upgrading current outdoor basketball satisfies this need to organized spontaneity and speaks to our economic challenges in that shooting hoops or playing pick-up is essentially a cost-free activity.

Why is this place to play important to your community and how would winning the Grand Prize impact your community?

Again, with the challenging economic landscape that Renfrew is currently living with, these is an increase need for free or low cost recreational opportunities. Building these courts would give increased opportunities for "organized spontaneity" and also provide opportunities for increased physical activities. It is well documented the impact that increased physical activity can have on mental health-an challenge that our rural population has been dealing with over the past decade. In an ideal world, we would build a court similar to those in Peterborough Ontario (pictured here: If this facility was built, it would also open the opportunity to host free basketball clinics and leagues in addition to the selling feature of "organized spontaneity" brings with outdoor courts. See our vision for the project here: