Pembroke Kinsmen Pool

  • City:

    Pembroke, ON

  • Published:

    August 14, 2017

  • Nominated By:

    Debra Metzger

Tell us about your Community’s passion and spirit for sport, recreation and active living.

Pembroke is a great community to raise young children. With the Ottawa River running beside the city, there are plenty of opportunities to have children swim and enjoy the water. The fact that the Kinsmen Pool has been offering swimming lessons for generations of children in and around the Pembroke area has encouraged me to nominate the Kinsmen Pool as a worthy cause for the funding. Safety for the children has always been the primary concern.

What Community Project would most benefit from the prize money?

The Pembroke Kinsmen Pool renewal is essential to the continuation of the good community work that occurs at the pool. The pool started as an outdoor pool many years ago. To allow for swimming lessons year round, the pool was then surrounded by a building to make it a year round recreational facility. This was many years ago and the community hub has now aged to the point where renewal is necessary for the facility to remain open. New pool fixtures, building decondensation equipment, building insulation and structural work would be impacted by the generous offer from Kraft/Heinz.

What impact would this project have on your community?

Swimming lessons are provided to children and adults of all ages. The schools use the pool for lessons, parents send children for group lessons and adults use the pool of daily exercise. All of this will stop for our community should the Kinsmen Pool have to close due to disrepair. We are a financially depressed area and would have difficulty renewing the building and pool working in order to keep it a viable recreational facility for our children and adults.

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