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  • Will there be any change or cancellation to the Kraft Heinz Project Play 2016 program due to the Fort McMurray donation?

    There will be no changes or cancellations to the program. It will continue as scheduled. We are adding separate funding specifically to support the nominated places to play in Fort McMurray that were directly affected and damaged by the wildfires. The top four finalists will still be announced on July 8th.

  • Are the communities you’re supporting and all Fort McMurray nominations still eligible to become one of the final four and/or winner of Kraft Heinz Project Play?

    Yes. We are still considering all nominations equally, and each nominated place to play from Fort McMurray will continue to be in the running to win Kraft Heinz Project Play 2016.

  • How did you decide which Fort McMurray nominations received donations? Why didn’t my nomination receive this support?

    Through Kraft Heinz Project Play 2016, we received passionate nominations from members of the Fort McMurray and neighbouring communities. The nominations helped guide our efforts to support five places to play that have been directly impacted by the fires, and are in need of help to rebuild.

  • How do I nominate a community?

    Click on any of the “Nominate Now” buttons you see across the site. Make sure to read our nomination tips first and keep in mind that once a nomination is submitted, it cannot be edited.

  • Can I edit my nomination after I have submitted it?

    Once your nomination has been submitted, you cannot edit it or save it for later. Please make sure to double-check your nomination before you click Submit.

  • What is the deadline for nominations?

    You must submit your nomination by June 12, 2016 at 11:59 PM ET.

  • What communities are eligible to participate?

    Any community within Canada that requires assistance to upgrade, renovate, or build a better place to play.

  • Can I nominate multiple communities?

    Yes, you can. Please see the Official Competition Rules to learn more.

  • Can I nominate a community that has already been nominated?

    Yes, communities can be nominated multiple times by different individuals.

  • How do I vote?

    When voting starts on July 25, 2016 12:00 PM ET click any of the “Vote Now” buttons you will see across the site for the 4 community finalists. From there you can select the finalist you’d like to vote for by clicking on their nomination. Then find the “Vote” button! Remember that voting is unlimited so vote for your favourite finalist as often as you can.

  • When can I vote?

    Voting for the Grand Prize Winner begins on July 25, 2016 at 12:00 PM ET until July 26, 2016 at 11:59 PM ET

  • What are the rules of Kraft Heinz Project Play?

    View the Official Competition Rules

  • What is your privacy policy?

    View the Kraft Heinz Privacy Policy here

  • How are finalists selected?

    The Top 4 Finalists are chosen by a judging panel based on the criteria noted within the Official Competition Rules.

  • How is the winner chosen?

    The winner is voted on. Make sure you spread the word about your community to get as many votes as possible.

  • What prizes are available?

    Grand Prize:
    - $250,000

    Second Place Prizes:
    - $20,000 for each of the second place winners

  • Where can I find custom downloads to help rally support for my nomination?

    You will be prompted to save the file to you computer. These are not customized with your community name.

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